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HPTO Hydraulic Power Take-off (PTO)


DYNASET HPTO Hydraulic Power Take-Off converts any vehicles engine power into hydraulic power.

HPTO is a compact PTO that fits vans and trucks with any engine. It can output up to 40 kW of power. HPTO provides hydraulic power to use even while driving.

Dynaset also has a smaller hydraulic PTO for ATV and UTV that can output up to 9kW power.


HPTO can be installed on to any van or truck. It is compact system that is installed on the crankshaft pulley. The state of the art technology is designed not to over load the crankshaft. The adjustable design of the HPTO enables it to fit any engine type in order to run a hydraulic pump. There are installation flanges for SAE-A2, SAE-B2 and SAE-C4 type hydraulic pump connections available. DYNASET offers suitable hydraulic pumps with adapters to fit all HPTO installations.


The engine’s crankshaft drives the hydraulic pump through HPTO’s belt drive. The hydraulic pump provides the hydraulic oil flow to the desired application. HPTO can be used when the vehicle is stationary or while driving, making it available all the time.


Installing the HPTO to a vehicle increases its versatility and utilization rate. With HPTO the vehicle becomes a platform that can operate any hydraulic equipment and application. It saves costs and time allowing wider utilization from one vehicle. It provides hydraulic oil flow to the applications even while driving.


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