Logging and the forest industry

The logging reference in the area!

Ponsse dealer

Trionex is proud to offer the complete line of PONSSE products, the best brand available on the market today. Our hydraulic technicians will assist you with the commissioning of your equipment (harvester heads, transporters, harvesters, etc.) Grow your profits and rely on the most productive machines there is; trust your PONSSE equipment!

Sales and repair of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder repair make us irreplaceable in the logging industry. With our unmatched quality control you can rest assured that our cylinders will be in prime working condition,  as soon as you get back and install them  on your equipment.

Our engineering team is pleased to offer you the possibility to improve your equipment’s manufacturer’s products in order to make your equipment more rugged and reliable. We also sell cylinders equivalent to the ones you need at only a fraction of our competition (John Deere, Logmax, etc)!

Hydraulic component repairs

Our hydraulic technicians have the knowledge to help you with the troubleshooting of your machine. Our hydraulic repair services equipped with some of the finest equipment in the area, allows you to get your components repaired fast and diminish your down time. With our state of the art bench test, it is possible for you to compare the performance of your repaired component with the theoretical performance of a new one.

Hose and fittings

Our caterpillar hose, which is probably the most reliable in the industry, will allow you to limit your down time. Increase the durability and the flexibility of your hoses, and get them assembled by one of our clerks today, while you enjoy a coffee at our service desk!

Component machining

We offer a machining service that allows you to have the 'fit for duty components' that match your needs and specifications!

Sales of forestry equipment

In addition to hydraulic components Trionex is a dealer for many leading brands in the loggin industry.

Space rental for equipment maintenance; mechanical repair, welding, hydraulic repairs or machining.

Some repairs and maintenance can be performed in the forest, but sometimes you need a well-equipped shop to get it all done. Trionex rents the space you need with access to our welders, machinists and hydraulic technicians and more!

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