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Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders

The most rugged design!

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

A hydraulic cylinder manufactured on one of our hi-tech, hi-precision CNC Lathes meets the highest industry standards. The extra rugged design developed by Trionex to meet the demand of the mining and logging industries has allowed us to establish a leading reputation in the cylinder manufacturing both in Québec and in Ontario. Our unmatched quality control is the guarantee that you will have in hand the best cylinders !

Our clients can choose from a vast choice of NFPA cylinders custom made to suit your needs. We rely on our 40 years of expertise in this field to bring you cost effective solutions and equivalencies of different leading brands such as Parker, Milwaukee and many others for only a fraction of the price! We can also provide cylinders with integrated linear position monitoring devices such as MTS Temposonic rods.

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Hydraulic cylinder distribution

Sometimes some utilizations require less rugged, low-end cylinders. We offer a low cost solution for small diameter cylinders used in applications such as snow plows, log splitters, etc. We distribute Eagle cylinders which are the lowest cost option on the market!

We are also an exclusive dealer for Hydac’s high quality cylinders for most specific applications, for very large travel and very large diameter cylinders.

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