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DYNASET Powered by hydraulics!

Use the power of your machine to propulse a generator, a welder, water pump, and much more!

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Trust the most productive harvesters and forwarders on the market today.

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Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders

The most rugged design!

We are Trionex

The specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics.


Quality control

To work according to the highest industry standards
and regulations, in order to deliver
the best quality product.


All our welders are qualified by the CWB according to the Canadian standard CSA-W47.1, governing the companies working in the field of fusion welding of steel. Our certified welding supervisors insure that any welding work or assembly, done within the shop, respects the dispositions of the Canadian standard CSA-W59. Our qualified welding inspector (CSA W178.1) makes sure that all weldments are in conformity with plans and specifications, but also that all welders apply the right welding procedures and practices.


  1. Inspection of all components of the broken cylinder.
  2. Inspection report verified by our experimented foreman.
  3. Dimensions verification as per seal manufacturer’s tolerances.
  4. Hydrostatic testing at 3000 [psi].
  5. Pneumatic testing with soap water at 175 [psi].
  6. Functionality testing of the cylinder in movement.
  7. Cylinder mounting attachment diameter control.
  8. Grease fitting and mechanism functionality testing.
  9. Final inspection by our foremen.
  10. Primer application and painting of the cylinder. Condition as new!
  11. Inspection report archived 5 years minimum.
  12. 30 day warranty on all repair defects.


  1. Marking of all components before dismantling.
  2. During dismantling, all parts are inspected for signs of wear, cracks or failures by our experimented hydraulics mechanics.
  3. The broken pieces are replaced by new parts directly from the manufacturer.
  4. ALL REPAIRED COMPONENTS are tested on our 300 HP bench test.
  5. Dynamometer testing and electronic data acquisition performance comparison between repaired component and literature. (view documents)
  6. Everything is painted as new!
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